Three cycles of history studied over three successive years, repeated throughout the life of the student. A concerted focus on the three stages of learning: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. This is the classical model and the way that CC helps you to instill a love of lifetime learning in your child.


We believe that it is impossible to separate the Creator from that which He created—and that includes everything! God is at the center of all the subjects we study, which are all related to one another and point back to Him.


CC exists to equip parents to educate their children in a Christian, classical way. We meet on a campus with one another and spend significant time encouraging and assisting each other on our homeschool journey. You are not alone!


In spite of CC’s rapid growth, it exists not only in bigger cities but also in towns of all sizes. This is because CC wants every child to have access to their program. There are many CC communities in south Georgia and we’re adding more all of the time. In Moultrie, we have two campuses, which you can find out about here.



Kids gather together in classrooms, usually grouped by their age (or sometimes altogether, one room schoolhouse style). Their tutor presents them with “new grammar,” a new piece of information for each of 7 subjects: geography, history, timeline, math, science, English grammar, and Latin. They enjoy a snack from home while each person in the class gives an oral presentation on the topic of their choice. Next, they switch gears and move into science experiments, followed by an art or music lesson (or vice versa). Finally, they end their morning by playing fun games, reviewing all of the “memory work” they’ve learned so far. [9:30 am to 12 pm]


Kids return to the classroom after enjoying lunch and free time on campus with their friends. Their instruction in grammar and writing begins with a 45-minute lesson on English grammar. This is followed by a 30-minute “intermission” during which the kids hone their math fluency by playing a variety of fun math games. After math games, the kids move into another 45-minute block during which they learn how to write using materials from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. The afternoon is characterized by hard work, energetic play, and plenty of dialectic discussion, all with the goal of strengthening grammar knowledge and writing skills. [1 pm to 3 pm]


Challenge students  are led by a director who facilitates seminar-style lessons throughout a full day in six strands: grammar (Latin), exposition & composition (literature and writing), debate (geography, history, economics), research (science), rhetoric (Christian apologetics, formal logic, drama, philosophy, theology), and logic (math).  [8:30 am to 3 pm]

What is a Classical Conversations community?

Classical Conversations is a home-centered academic program for children ages 4-18. Parents teach kids at home, then join with a weekly community of peers who have been studying the same material.

I started out as one of those homeschoolers who wanted to try a little of everything. My eclectic approach was fun but I’m not so sure that switching math curricula each year was the best thing for my kids. When I discovered Classical Conversations and began to study the classical method, I knew I’d found an approach that would serve both me *and* my children well. I love that there’s a structure but so much freedom within it, as well as the community focus. Homeschooling isn’t easy, and sharing the experience with other people who are going through the same thing is invaluable.


CC community day is a highlight in our week as we assemble with friends who share our values, passions, and biblical worldview.  My children are motivated to complete their assignments with excellence because they are accountable to their tutors and peers; and I am so grateful for the support of amazing directors, tutors, and fellow homeschooling moms when I begin to doubt my ability to manage this important task of educating my children through high school. I also appreciate how the classical model transitions my children so beautifully from one natural stage of learning right into another and causes them to really retain the material they are taught.  Our family is experiencing such a love of learning and sense of accomplishment from CC’s curriculum.